2023/24 Season
October 17, 2023 at South Redditch

Chris & Gerry Show12345total
1Richard Fisher4677529
2Lilly Orton7567328
3Keith Edwards4286525
4Patrick Lees2144516
5Angela Guest4987836
6Bryan Smith37771135
7Andy Maine7676935
8Dave Charlesworth9672731
9Aaron Evans6437626
10Dave Orton7487531
total of score(s) to drop2132311
total pins5149625861281
leg points001113
points for match5
total points8

The Nomads12345total
1Geoff Loat8877434
2James Marshall9735630
3Wendy Coombes8496532
4Andrew Coombes4747628
5Jordan Bunn7554324
6Jim Child5744727
7Alan Spreckley7755832
8Alan Cummings7586733
9Tom Eaton4547929
total of score(s) to drop 000000
total pins5955495155269
leg points110002
points for match1
total points3