Joining The League

Skittles is a traditional pub game played with 9 pins (or skittles) in a diamond shape.  Each player has 3 balls per turn (or leg).  The objective is to knock as many down as you can.  The Redditch skittles league teams play once a week on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening, starting at 8pm.  Matches are played at various social clubs around Redditch.

The league is always open to new players and teams.  If you think you’d like to play we’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to enter your own team, you’ll need 9 others to form a league team of 10 players.  In the past, teams have been formed from pubs, sports teams, colleagues and friends.  Mens, womens and mixed teams have all competed and all ages are welcome.

Sometimes forming a team of 10 players can be hard, so if you’re an individual (or individuals) you can still join an existing league team.  Several current league teams are looking for new players so do get in touch.

New players are also welcome to enter the other competitions including Singles, Doubles, Triples and the Summer Cup.

If you would like to know more please contact us here.