Summer Cup 2024

This year’s Summer Cup is due to start w/c 13th May 2024.

The cup is typically played to a different format than league matches and with smaller teams.  Previous cup formats have included match play (players are awarded points for scoring more than their opposite player), kingpin first (players must hit the kingpin before pins are counted) and team handicaps (teams start the match with a pin handicap determined by previous season league position).  The last summer cup was played in teams of six.

The precise schedule and format are to be confirmed.  If you have any suggestions or preference for the format for this year’s summer cup please feel free to get in touch here.

League team captains will be contacted closer to the summer with further details.

If you are not currently part of a league team but would like to enter a team we would love to have you! Please contact us here with any questions and to enter the competition.