2023/24 Season
October 16, 2023 at Lodge Park

Bernie's Bolts12345total
1Jim Williamson6879535
2Paul Blaynee6529426
3Dan Goodman6747428
4Dave Williams7682730
5Jess Andrews6427322
6Liam McSweeney8738531
7John McSweeney9874432
8Lewis McSweeney0398424
9Craig McSweeney67136739
10Mark Andrews6556830
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6060606651297
leg points0000.500.5
points for match1
total points1.5

Jumbo Jet Set12345total
1Len Quartly7686734
2Steve Wardle5853425
3Rob Quartly781113544
4Dan Hill8877737
5Mike Smeed7556730
6Dave Marriot5679835
7Pete Battle-Welch6655628
8Ray Jones6687633
9Rich Johnston9668938
10Mick Stanton7762628
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6766686665332
leg points1110.514.5
points for match5
total points9.5
11Norman Widdop4444622
12Barbara Smeed567422