2023/24 Season
November 7, 2023 at South Redditch

Bernie's Bolts12345total
1Dave Williams4664626
2Mark West7786634
3Jim Williamson3854828
4Dan Goodman5575729
5Paul Blaynee56371132
6John McSweeney5584628
7Lewis McSweeney2355217
8Andy Gill-Smith5689735
9Craig McSweeney8672730
10Dean Lowe5486629
total of score(s) to drop
total pins4956655266288
leg points001012
points for match1
total points3

The Borough12345total
1Julian Workman5556728
2Sarah Edwards7548630
3Kim Workman6747428
4Rhiannon Moseley7755428
5Charlie Few5669834
6Andrew Taylor51261731
7George Few5463826
8Tom Baker8875533
9Steve Court6699737
10Scott Few9578534
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6365596161309
leg points110103
points for match5
total points8