2023/24 Season
November 7, 2023 at Redditch Borough

1Mark Ganderton7697635
2Graham Hingley9656733
3Maurice Wroe7773529
4Luke Sanders7866835
5Josh Kelso5474525
6Ian Greenway8977334
7Joe Kelso88138643
8Craig Sears8676633
9Brandon Kelso6986837
10Andy Clewlow8867938
total of score(s) to drop
total pins7371756063342
leg points111014
points for match5
total points9
11Toby Bennett7973733
12Pete Clewlow2675525

Jumbo Jet Set12345total
1Len Quartly6878938
2Darren Summers7871730
3Rob Quartly6766732
4Dan Hill7648530
5Dennis Compton7735426
6Mike Smeed5774629
7Rob Rowberry7758633
8Ray Jones6958533
9Rich Johnston4448626
10Mick Stanton9695635
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6469576161312
leg points000101
points for match1
total points2