2023/24 Season
October 23, 2023 at Lodge Park

1Mark Ganderton7778736
2Craig Sears55114732
3Josh Kelso6897535
4Pete Clewlow2677628
5Joe Kelso8238728
6Maurice Wroe7755731
7Luke Sanders7748632
8Graham Hingley4877531
9Ian Greenway5758631
10Andy Clewlow6697634
total of score(s) to drop
total pins5763676962318
leg points001102
points for match5
total points7
11Toby Bennett9798740

The Nomads12345total
1Geoff Loat861381146
2James Marshall8776735
3Eddie Upright8556630
4Wendy Coombes5356827
5Andrew Coombes5863527
6Jordan Bunn5934627
7Jim Child6856934
8Alan Spreckley7486530
9Tom Eaton6558630
10Alan Cummings3964931
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6164635772317
leg points110013
points for match1
total points4