2023/24 Season
November 14, 2023 at Lodge Park

Jumbo Jet Set12345total
1Len Quartly9846532
2Mike Smeed5547728
3Rob Quartly9766533
4Dan Hill5579834
5Dave Marriot4895834
6Rob Rowberry6777330
7Liz Rowberry8875836
8Ray Jones8668634
9Steve Wardle6577530
10Mick Stanton8638934
total of score(s) to drop
total pins6865606864325
leg points011002
points for match5
total points7
11Barbara Smeed8855834

Chris & Gerry Show12345total
1Richard Fisher8887738
2Lilly Orton7578431
3Keith Edwards6567731
4Paul Hollis8457731
5Angela Guest7997537
6Bryan Smith6509727
7Andy Maine6737831
8Dave Charlesworth5447828
9Aaron Evans11856838
10Dave Orton8436526
total of score(s) to drop
total pins7259507166318
leg points100113
points for match1
total points4