2023/24 Season
March 18, 2024 at Redditch Borough

The Nomads12345total
1James Marshall7647731
2Wendy Coombes5734726
3Andrew Coombes4889635
4Jordan Bunn5868633
5Jim Child7566630
6Phil Jones4667730
7Dave Maule5578732
8Graham Hanley5676630
9Tom Eaton9879841
10Alan Cummings7788838
total of score(s) to drop
total pins5866627268326
leg points0.511114.5
points for match5
total points9.5

Chris & Gerry Show12345total
1Richard Fisher8574731
2Keith Edwards6477529
3Paul Hollis6657529
5Angela Guest7776532
6Bryan Smith6947329
7Andy Maine6556628
8Dave Charlesworth2747525
9Aaron Evans5696632
10Dave Orton6785733
total of score(s) to drop
total pins5861596355296
leg points0.500000.5
points for match1
total points1.5
Scott Hastings2445722
Neil Jay4667730