Summer Cup 2024 Details

This season’s Summer Cup draw has been completed.  Round 1 of the competition takes place on Mon 1st July and the final on Mon 8th July (matches to begin at 8pm as usual).

The round 1 draw is as follows:

Mon 1st July @ Lodge Park:

  • Jumbo Jet Set
  • Engineers
  • C&G Show

Mon 1st July @ Redditch Borough:

  • The Borough
  • Nomads
  • Lodge Farmers

The top two teams from each group progress to the final on Mon 8th July at Redditch Borough.

The format is Match Play:

Points are awarded to each individual player for scoring more than their corresponding players from the opposing teams (eg: Player 1 from Team A is playing against Player 1 from Team B and Player 1 from Team C).  At the end of the game, the player with the highest pin score is awarded 3 points, second place is awarded 2 points and third place is awarded 1 point.  Points are shared for tied scores.  The match play points are then tallied for each team and the teams with the most match play points win.

Round 1 is played across 5 legs.  The final is played across 6 legs.  Teams in the final will also be split across alleys A & B to account for any alley differences.

Good luck to all teams!